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Investment Real Estate In Grenada

Grenada is the southernmost of the Eastern Caribbean States and is widely known as one of the region’s most beautiful Countries. The Grenada Citizenship By Investment (CBI) program was established in 2013. Albeit less than 5 years old, Grenada was recently ranked as the third best CBI program in the world by the Financial Times professional Wealth Management Index ahead of the older Caribbean programs.

Hotel rooms for investment in Grenada, Caribbean

Grenada gained independence from Britain in 1974 and is an independent nation within the British Commonwealth. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of State and is represented locally by the Governor General, who is appointed on the advice of the Prime Minister. Grenada has a West Minister Style Parliamentary form of Government.  

Grenada boasts a highly educated population with a high literacy rate. St George’s University hosts 6,000 students from over 140 countries, offers faculties of Medicine and Veterinary Science, and has been operating for thirty-five years. In addition, a full medical teaching hospital will be developed in the near future.

Large-scale tourism is a recent phenomenon, and Grenada is largely undiscovered, unspoilt and full of opportunity.

Luxury hotel rooms for sale for investment in Grenada, Caribbean

Lifestyle Living

The beautiful island of Grenada is not just about its comfortable climate, scenery, relaxed living with the best beaches in the World, Grenada offers much more.  Choosing to retire in the Caribbean? Grenada offers access to numerous doctors and clinics (both private and public).

Cricket is the national sport and part of Grenadian culture. However, there are many other sporting and leisure attractions from scuba diving, sea kayaking, yacht charters, sport fishing, tennis, cycling, golf, hiking or the more relaxing Turtle Watching at night or day trips watching the Whales and dolphins

Luxury hotel rooms for sale for investment in Grenada, Caribbean

Investment Key Points

Grenada’s economy is shifting from agriculture to the provision of services and the tourism sector is greatly expanding, taking more and more shares of the market for Caribbean tourism. Much of this expansion is due to foreign investment, as foreign businesses choose to invest in Grenada’s growing popularity.

With its impressive tax advantages, Grenada is the only Caribbean island with a Citizenship By Investment program where the citizenship comes with the ability to apply for the USA E-2 Visa, which allows you to live and operate a business in the US.

Luxury hotel rooms for sale for investment in Grenada, Caribbean


Grenada’s proximity to the Equator ensures a year-round tropical climate with average temperatures ranging from 24°C to 30°C. Its cooling trade winds offer very comfortable conditions. The lowest temperatures occur between November and February. The driest season is between January and May while the rainy season is from June to December. There are many beautiful beaches in Grenada especially the Grand Ande Beach which is absolutely spectacular. Calm, warm waters, an incredibly white, fine sand, is just perfect for a walk or just sitting and relaxing watching the sea, the sunset or people around.