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Hotel and Spa rooms for sale in Boa Vista, Cape Verde

White Sands-Cape Verde

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Inv Opp, Inv Opp Cape Verde, L-Sty, L-Sty Cape Verde

Price:192,450 €

Cape Verde consists of 10 islands and 5 islets situated 350 miles off the western coast of the African continent and just one hour south of the Canaries. Cape Verde has a tropical climate with endless sunshine cooled by gentle sea breezes with an average temperature of 28°C.

Hotel accommodation for investment in Cape Verde

Beach lovers from round the world are attracted to Cape Verde. Due to the pure white sand and crystal clear waters. Cape Verde is often referred to as just “paradise”.

Cape Verde is bustling with potential and already established in the industry as a hotspot for property investment, Cape Verde offers unrivalled opportunities for long-term growth and substantial returns through tourism.

Investment property for sale in Cape Verde

Investment Options

Purchasing one of these luxurious 5-star Resort properties opens up a world of options, rewards and ownership benefits. All apartments, rooms, suites and villas are sold on a freehold basis, individually registered under separate legal title and that means you own unencumbered title to your Property. Therefore, you decide how your property is managed, and how it works for you as an investment.

Hotel Management

This option offers investors the opportunity for consistent, sustained and equitable rental returns via the Hotel Managed Program. If you decide to place your property within the managed scheme, it will be marketed to millions of holiday makers throughout the world, maximising the opportunity for year round rental income. You would also be entitled to holiday in your property for up to 5 weeks per year.

Investment property for sale in Cape Verde

Independent Rentals

This offers clients the option to self-manage their properties, either fully independently by renting it to their network of family and friends, or listing their property online with an independent rental company. This option would be suitable for clients seeking more than the standard 5 weeks personal usage offered by a typical hotel rental programme, combining the lifestyle benefits of a holiday home with additional rental income.

This proven investment structure is already in operation, using the largest Resort operator in the world, delivering a world class guest experience as well as lucrative commercial partnerships in place, this unique and hassle-free hotel managed program is delivering consistent rental returns for owners, as well as the opportunity for excellent capital growth.