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For second home owners, the Caribbean offers a huge range of exotic locales across 26 countries, from spectacular reef-rimmed platinum beaches and magical windswept coral islands to coastal hillsides with sweeping ocean views, and lush volcanic mountain and valley retreats.

Luxury property for sale in the Caribbean

Tourism has been on the rebound since 2015, particularly in the Eastern Caribbean CBI countries due to increasing investment inflows. Countries such as Anguilla and Nevis are regaining their status as the tropical luxury destinations of choice and Lifestyle buyers are returning from North America.

The first half of 2018 witnessed unprecedented activity in several countries in the North Caribbean and the trend is continuing. Property values can range from as little as $350,000 for a one-bedroom apartment to $25,000,000 for a luxury beachfront villa ….or your own private island.

There is good airlift with direct flights to most of the Caribbean from the USA, Canada, the UK and Europe. Two major international airports have recently been built in Antigua and St. Vincent and the Grenadines a third is scheduled to commence in Anguilla in 2019.

Luxury property for sale in the Caribbean

Lifestyle Living

The lifestyle experience can vary greatly from island to island in terms of the regions’ diverse culture. The common factor however is of course the relaxed laidback way of life that is unique to the Caribbean. There is every choice available to buyers in the main destination islands, from luxury apartments to beach front villas to privately managed estate residences with butler service.

There is no shortage of quality restaurants. Seafood naturally takes front position, with an extraordinary array of dishes and abundant supply from the waters of the Caribbean and Atlantic.

Luxury property for sale in the Caribbean


Carnival is held in all the islands at different times of the year. This most spectacular celebration of Caribbean culture that showcases its music, art, food and way of life should not be missed.

There are a number of excellent golf courses in all the main destination islands.
For marine sports, the region offers the very best in diving & snorkelling, fishing, kite & wind surfing, and sailing. Antigua’s Sailing Week is one of the world’s best attended events, and for the ultimate sailing holiday the world-famous Grenadines is hard to beat.

Luxury property for sale in the Caribbean


The Caribbean Islands enjoy warm sunny winters with afternoon temperatures generally averaging 29 °C (84 °F). The summers are hot and wet (as a rule the rainy season runs from June to November) although prolonged wet spells are uncommon. The higher temperatures of 31 to 32 degrees are often accompanied by pleasant sea breezes, making sunbathing very pleasant Hurricanes can hit the Caribbean in the summer months, although Grenada and Trinidad & Tobago are south of the hurricane belt and the Bahamas in the North are rarely affected. Tropical storms rarely occur after mid-October.