Investment Real Estate

Investment Real Estate

The Overseas Investor has been assisting property investors since 2005. Whether your investment is purpose driven for Citizenship or Residency, or purely an addition to your investment portfolio, the Overseas Investor can help you to find the right solution that suits your needs, meets your budget and ticks all the boxes for location, quality, integrity, delivery and exit strategy.

Trusted Developers

Part of our strategy is to work with a small selected group of developers who we trust and have a good reputation which includes quality of build, price, good communication skills, flexibility and on time delivery.

Citizenship By Investment (CBI)

CBI is a government program aimed at attracting foreign direct investment into the country by offering citizenship in exchange for an investment. The advantages of having a second citizenship – If you are experiencing political or economic instability in your own country, having a second citizenship provides peace of mind and security. It enables you to provide the best for your family in terms of security and education, and to safeguard your personal assets.


When purchasing property for investment or lifestyle, residential or commercial, it’s all about making the right decisions. Whatever property category you decide to buy, one major consideration will be the legal aspect. Many property lawyers specialise in the different property types. Therefore, whether you are buying property for investment for example:
• City centre apartments
• Student accommodation
• Care homes
• Hotel rooms or,
• A holiday home in the sun
The Overseas Investor can assist by guiding you to the most appropriate conveyancing representation.

Featured Investment Countries

Investment property for sale in Cape Verde

Cape Verde

Cape Verde consists of 10 islands and 5 islets situated 350 miles off the western coast of the African continent and just one hour south of the Canaries. Cape Verde has a tropical climate with endless sunshine cooled by gentle sea breezes with an average temperature of 28°C.

Property for sale in Antigua ideal for the Citizenship Investment Program


For second home owners, the Caribbean offers a huge range of exotic locales across 26 countries, from spectacular reef-rimmed platinum beaches and magical windswept coral islands to coastal hillsides with sweeping ocean views, and lush volcanic mountain and valley retreats.

Property for sale in Boa Vista, Cape Verde


The Cyprus Citizenship-by-Investment Program provides one of the fastest and most efficient gateways to the EU. The minimum financial requirement is EUR 2 million and the application process can be completed and passports issued in as little as six months.

Property for sale in France


It’s really easy to see why so many foreigners are considering buying property in France. Whether you choose to live, work, buy your own holiday home or for investment or even full-time retirement in France, there are many attractions besides the beautiful climate.

Property for sale in the UK


The Worldwide low interest rates on savings make it easy to consider the attraction of the UK buy-to-let property market, especially when the UK Government has made it clear that due to a growing population, there is a massive housing shortage in key areas of the Country.

Property for sale in Turkey


Property investors looking for overseas property for investment, Turkey could be for you. Turkey’s great climate offers both long term residency (some with guarantee rental income) and, short term summer lets. Selective properties can be used for 6 months winter lets and short summer holiday lets.

Investment property for sale in Paphos, Cyprus

Malberry Park-Paphos

The Malberry Park investment building consists of 8 – 2…





CBI Cyprus, Inv Opp, Inv Opp Cyprus, Migration

Price:2,000,000 €

Amber Park-Paphos

Amber Park is a modern project consisting of: 6 Luxury…





CBI Cyprus, Inv Opp, Inv Opp Cyprus, Migration

Price:1,500,000 €

Detached villas fore sale in Paphos, Cyprus

Portokalies Gardens-Geroskipou

Portokalies Gardens is a contemporary design consisting of two detached…





CBI Cyprus, Inv Opp, Inv Opp Cyprus, L-Sty, L-Sty Cyprus, Migration

Price:375,000 €

Hotel and Spa rooms for sale in Boa Vista, Cape Verde

White Sands-Cape Verde

The Overseas Investor is delighted to introduce White Sands Hotel…





Inv Opp, Inv Opp Cape Verde, L-Sty, L-Sty Cape Verde

Price:192,450 €

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