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Student accommodation for sale in Liverpool, UK.


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Due to a growing population in the UK, there is a massive housing shortage, offering great investment opportunities. Buying property in the UK offers investors the potential to enjoy good long term capital growth as well as excellent rental income.

The Worldwide low interest rates on savings make it easy to consider the attraction of the UK buy-to-let property market, especially when the UK Government has made it clear that due to a growing population, there is a massive housing shortage in key areas of the Country.

London has always been a hotspot for foreign investors. However, other major cities further North of the Capital are attracting many investors who are looking for lower property prices offering high net returns and capital appreciation. Manchester (North West) and Birmingham (Midlands) for example can both boast having major international airports with fantastic motorway and rail transportation links. On a commercial aspect the trend continues with the BBC moving their headquarters from Central London to the City of Manchester.

Buy to let property for investment

Buy to Let

Properties for sale in the United Kingdom vary, from modern studio city-centre apartments and riverside penthouses in cities like Birmingham Leeds, Liverpool, London and Manchester, and to modest terraced and semi-detached family homes in the suburbs, and palatial mansions in the outlying suburbs of affluent areas such as Cheshire in Greater Manchester, Richmond and Hampstead in north and west London.

Student Accommodation

With nearly 2 million students due to begin higher education courses during the 2019-20 academic year, the student accommodation sector is still showing signs of above-average performance trends, making it an excellent option for buy-to-let investors. This is especially true in popular university towns such as Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, London, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield.

Investment Diversity Property Diversifying your property portfolio

Investment Diversity

With the UK population continuing to age, retirement homes are likely to increase. Elderly people looking for extra equity in retirement by selling their own home and moving into a private retirement home is on the increase. Investing in hotel rooms is also an interesting option with possible higher than average income generated. Investing in retirement homes or hotel rooms are areas worth considering.

UK has good investment potential. The Overseas Investor has therefore, selected a variety of investments which offer different advantages and cater for all types of investors depending upon what they aim to acquire and achieve with their property investment portfolio.